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First InfoTech Services transform your value chain to make it more productive and safe. Our Transformation practice can help you develop the right business model to create change—from incremental business improvements to large-scale Transformations. Our consultants have a depth and breadth of experience in a wide array of business verticals that can be applied to domains such as process consulting and cost and productivity optimization. Most importantly, we not only can help you devise your strategy, we can help you execute it.

Our Transformation Solutions use innovative tools and frameworks to help you leverage your core business competencies as you develop new operating models built around workforce, technology, and business processes. Our solutions can help you to, for example, reduce the time-to-market for new products, accelerate accurate order fulfillment, and improve customer interactions.

Technology plays a critical role in the success of significant Transformations—not only as a key enabler but also as a source of advantage. Technology in Transformation is about “moving the performance dial” and achieving a “step change” in capabilities for the organization.

Transformation is achieved by realigning the way staff work, how the organisation is structured and how technology is used. Typically we go through several stages in transforming:

  • Recognising the need to change and gaining consensus amongst stakeholders that dramatic change is necessary
  • Agreeing what form the change should take, the objectives of the change and a vision that describes a better future
  • Understanding what the organisation is changing from and what needs to change in detail
  • Designing the new organisational way of working and its support and management
  • Testing and implementing changes, usually in waves, typically over a number of years
  • Bedding in the change so that the organisation cannot move back to how it was and achieves the intended benefits